Trip to Drayton Manor Park
The Junior Church trip for 2004 was to Drayton Manor Theme Park in Staffordshire. Fifty-one Junior Church members and friends came on this outing and had a wonderful day. Because we were having such an exciting time we didn't get a chance to take many photographs, so we've included some pictures of the rides instead!
All Aboard!
Setting off from Bladon
On the way there - card games and a chance for some practice hairdressing!
The Apocalypse - rise slowly to a height of 54 meters, tilting forward at 20 degrees, with nothing to hold you except your sholder restraints! Then drop at the mercy of gravity!
Stormforce 10 - you don't just get wet - you get REALLY wet, soaked infact! It features three spectacular drops, one of which you go down backwards!
Relaxation on the big wheel
The Shockwave - Europe's only stand up roller coster
Maelstrom - swings to a height of 23 meters whilst rotating. Only 5 of us were brave enough to go on this ride!
The Cyclone - spin through 360 degrees and experience 3.5G's!
Just caught Jaws! They didn't look quite so happy 10 minutes later after going on Stormforce 10!
On the way home - that tub of candy floss was empty just 20 minutes later!
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