We were thrilled to be invited to perform at Blenheim Palace in Woodstock in the finale of their Christmas at Blenheim celebrations. Our programme included Christmas songs such as Sleigh Ride and When Children Ruled the World and songs from shows such as The Sound of Music and The Pirates of Penzance. We performed in The Great Hall, remarkable for it's 20m high ceiling painted in 1716 showing the Duke of Marlborough victorious at the battle of Blenheim.
The Great Hall was spectacularly decorated with two huge Christmas trees which provided a wonderful back drop for our performance. We were scheduled to start singing at 3pm and by 2.45pm there were several hundred guests eagerly awaiting our performance. The atmospheric lighting provided challenging photographic conditions, however there are a couple of photographs of the Junior Church performing below.
The Great Hall
Blenheim Palace in the summer
A winter view of the Palace
Afterwards we were given a free cup of tea in the Palace restaurant!
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